AussieSlots does what every Australian loves – he is playing slots online. But he is not just gambling – he is also broadcasting it on Twitch where he shares with his viewers most epic moments from his casino sessions. People love to watch how AussieSlots slaps those pokies – you can clearly see it by his followers’ count that keeps growing every single day.

Who is AussieSlots?

AussieSlots is one of the most popular Australian online casino streamers who loves to play slots, hence the name. At the time of writing, he has 16,4k people following him on his Twitch. Yes, it’s far from Roshtein’s success, but I’m pretty sure that one day he will be there too if he won’t stop doing what he does now. Of course, we are not Nostradamus in any way, but at this point lad is quite constant at what he is doing by putting out streams almost every day. I believe it’s another reason of his current success and a result of more than 16 thousand subscribers on Twitch. Apart from Twitch Australian gambler who is now living in Iraq has a YouTube channel where he puts out highlights from his streams.

Now, it’s not as popular as his Twitch channel and has only 1 thousand subscribers, but it doesn’t make any of his videos worse. They are very fun and extremely exciting to watch since almost every clip AussieSlots hits some major win. For example, one of his most popular clips features an incredible $250 000 win on Madame Destiny Megaways which you can find on websites from our best online casino list. However, AussieSlots despite his pseudonym isn’t only about pokies. You can easily find on his YouTube channel videos with live dealer games including blackjack. In fact, his most viewed video is about Dragon Tiger. There he is discussing profitability of this casino game and tries to win big. At this moment it gathered 23 thousand views in one year. However, we must warn you that AussieSlots isn’t that regular on YouTube as he is on Twitch. Therefore, we recommend you to subscribe to his YouTube channel in order not to miss any video when he finally puts it out.

But if you want to see some epic winnings (like, for example, how he wins AU$400 000 in a single spin) more often then you should head over to AussieSlots Twitch where he makes streams on a daily basis. You can also join his Discord if you are using it. There you not only will be able to chat with people who are AussieSlots followers and gambling enthusiasts just as you are, but you also will find links to the casinos where Australian punter gets his winnings from. Back in the days it was GunsBet, but lately Aussie decided to try something new and switched to ViperSpin, GetSlots and Tsars. In case if you haven’t heard about these casinos or you aren’t playing at them yet make sure you check out our reviews first to get an idea of what they are like. AussieSlots also had a Facebook page, but now it seems that it’s gone.

AussieSlots on social media

AussieSlots is active on several gambling platforms including Discord and Snapchat.

AussieSlots net worth

While there is no public information regarding AussieSlot's net worth, Medicated claims that his biggest win at the moment is about $45k.

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AussieSlots favorite slots

AussieSlots is an all-rounded gambler which means he enjoys all kinds of pokies. Yet his favorite ones come from Pragmatic, Hacksaw and No Limit City.

Where does AussieSlots play slots online?

Although AussieSlots claims to be an all-rounded punter we haven’t seen him playing pokies in pubs. As for online casinos, he constantly changes them so the best way to keep up with this fella is to watch his streams on Twitch.

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Frequently asked questions about AussieSlots

  • Who is AussieSlots?

    AussieSlots is online casino streamer on Twitch with 16,4k followers.

  • What is AussieSlots' real name?

    AussieSlots told on stream that people can refer to him as Medicated.

  • Where AussieSlots plays pokies online?

    Aussie loves to play in various online casinos, but his favorite ones are GunsBet, ViperSpin, GetSlots and Tsars.

  • What are AussieSlots favorite games?

    There is no doubt that AussieSlots favorite games are slots, hence the name.

  • What is the biggest win of AussieSlots?

    Medicated claims that his biggest win at the moment is about $45k.

  • What is the nationality of AussieSlots?

    AussieSlots is from Australia

  • Is AussieSlots using fake money?

    There is no evidence that Aussie is using play funds to gamble during his online casino streams.

  • How AussieSlots makes money?

    AussieSlots makes money by affiliate links – the casinos pay him a fee when someone joins the casino using a special link that he puts on his Discord

  • What is AussieSlots net worth?

    There is no information on this one.